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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Is Internet Explorer dying a slow death?

Microsoft Internet explorer once worlds most popular browser is currently dying a slow death.Most of us already have switched to Google Chrome or Firefox or Opera.Firefox emerged as a leader in browser market in the recent years and is currently dominating but Firefox sometime turns into a CPU and memory hungry monster.There are instances where Firefox  consumes huge CPU and memory resources.The problem still persists with the newer versions.Watching all this from my point of view, Google chrome has the possibility and ability to emerge as a new leader in the browser market.All Google needs to do is make some changes to Chrome.The problem that most people face while using Chrome is mosty about downloading unwanted pages and frequent crashes.If these two problems are fixed I don't think people will hesitate even the slightest to change their browser preference once again,meanwhile Firefox continues to dominate the market.But what about Internet explorer?IE still has a "fair share"
in the market,but internet explorer has always been accused of lacking in standards.

Besides all this IE9 emerges out as Light of hope to re establish the dominance of Microsoft over the internet browser market by ensuring that it meets the latest standards and by maintaining support for new scripts like HTML5 and CSS3.IE9 also uses hardware acceleration using DX10 to render pages in order to minimize CPU utilization.

So, will it be IE9 to finally bring back Microsoft's reputation in the browser market?You are the one to decide.

Testdrive IE9 here.

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