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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

XVID4PSP Powerpacked Video Converter for free.

Video conversion is one of the task we often need to do and for doing so we require a video conversion software.There are various video conversion software available in the market today,most of them are paid and some of them are free.We will be discussing about the free ones over here.In my opinion there's only one video conversion software that has all the features in, it is XVID4PSP.This power packed video conversion software can convert almost any video format to the other.

There are two flavors of it available
For the pros, get it here and for the rest of us, get it here .
However it is recommended to install K Lite mega codec pack to ensure the proper working of software.You can get it here.

The only problem that I faced using this converter was during the trans-coding of some flv files downloaded from Youtube,the problem was there's no video in the converters preview pane.
To fix this problem just rename the extension of the video from flv to mp4.Silly,but surely works.

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