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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Battlefield 3 Black Screen, Sound, Language and Game Crash Fix.

The latest update for Battlefield 3 creates more problems that it solves.Take for example the infamous Black Screen.

The infamous "Black Screen"
The problem can be recognized by watching your monitor’s display turning ‘black’ (on full screen mode) after you load Battlefield 3 and join a specific server, the only thing that’s working is your audio.

Those users who bought the Russian version of BF can fix their game related issues simply by following the steps below:

Firstly, run Origin and let it update your game to the latest version.
once the game has fully been updated to the latest version follow the below steps :

Copy the "" and "ru.toc" from "\Battlefield 3\Data\Win32\Loc\" and past it in the same folder
If you are using windows 7 or later then windows will automatically rename these newly copied files
to "" and  "ru-Copy.toc" to avoid conflicts with file name. DO NOT delete Russian files! (IMPORTANT) then rename the "" file to "" and "ru-Copy.toc" file to "eu.toc".
Then download the file from the below link and extract it in battlefield 3 folder "\Battlefield 3"


Now use this language changer to change your game language to English

If you have no sound in game or game crashes or freezes download this file:

and Extract its content in your Battlefield 3 folder replacing the existing files.
Launch the game. have fun.

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