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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Get Start Button Back on Windows 8.

So Windows 8 comes out and the first thing people are complaining about is: WHERE THE HECK is the Start Button.Well, its still there (sort of). It is in the charms bar now and upon clicking, it greets you with the new start menu, the Modern UI (formerly Metro UI) which has its own pros and cons but that is a different story.We are here to talk about how to get back the good old Windows 7 style start menu on Windows 8 so lets head in that direction.

The charms bar showing the location of new start menu in Windows 8

The software that we are using to get back start menu on windows 8 is .......Start is Back.No I am not kidding, the name of the software is "Start is back".This software is available to download as a 30 day trial version.One thing that I like about this software in particular is, it is only $3 for a 2 PC license which is dead cheap if you are going to purchase and install windows 8 on your PC or Laptop.

Windows 8 desktop after installing Start is back.

Another important feature of this software is its customization options which provides the user with loads of configuration that are not available even in the Windows 7 Start menu.

Now that you know all this you can grab the software as a 30 day trial from their site below :

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